A Petition for My Friends in City Heights, San Diego, California

I attended Mid-City Church of the Nazarene in the early 2000’s as a college student. I recieved my call to have a heart for the poor in this church. It was here that I attended a life-changing summer urban term in 2002, and it was here where I gained life long friends.

Today, there are six congregations speaking at least five different languages which meet in their building dating to the 1930’s. They have spared their funds for the service and advocacy for the poor; cosmetics have never been a priority for their building.

Now, they are in need of funds to repair their building. With their aging building has also come an asbestos problem that they need to fix. I would appreciate it if my Christian brotherd and sisters would contribute something– $1, $5, $10, $20… …whatever God may lay on your heart.

Let us all keep taking care of each other as we all work for the same Father and within the same Kingdom.


Robert Nowlin




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