My Prayer in Desperate Circumstances

As a person who is seeking God’s purpose in my life, I am learning daily that the most urgent things of life are not always what they seem to be. That is, when someone who you have known for a while is in a critical need in their life, it makes you realize that you have taken some things for granted. In the last year, my heart has been moved, more so than ever before in my life, to give to God my time in prayer. This means that the seemingly urgent things sometimes need to be put off in order to give God the tithe of my time and attention to another fellow human who needs God’s touch through a faithful servant. I am the only one, perhaps, who can touch one particular person who I see every day. I am feeling called more than ever to stop. Pray. Give thanks. Clothe. Feed. House. Advocate. Love. See Matthew 25 for the full picture.

As I lay my head tonight, I lift up my heart as a cry to the Lord that He hears the prayers of His people for the healing of Pastor and friend Densel Ball, that You, Lord, would answer the heart cries of His family by giving them comfort and everlasting refuge in You, in this difficult time. In Jesus name AMEN.

I have linked to a blog posted by Cornerstone Wesleyan Church last Sunday, where Densel is head pastor:

Special Note from Pastor Densel’s Brother Frank Ball