Millennials in the Evangelical Church: a Response to Christena Cleveland, “Why Black Millennials Will Lead Us to a More Equitable Society”

A theology professor and author, Christena Cleveland, has drawn my interest in the cultural significance of the consistent attendance of millennials (individuals born 1980 to 2000?) in North America’s African American churches.  She warrants a hypothesis that African-American millennials will urge the American society toward a more just way of life for all.  This hypothesis […]

On Preparing the Way for the Lord

14 December 2014 3rd Sunday of Advent—Joy Pastor Eddie Tanon, who is the evangelism and outreach director for Hope Community Church, preached the sermon yesterday.  He titled it, Experience the Joy of Christmas, while using the Lukan text immediately following Mary’s prayer in which she stated her acceptance of God’s call in her life to carry and […]

Advent: Waiting in Patience; Preparing the Wat for the Lord in Our Hearts

1 December 2014  Advent Day 2  Psalm 27; Matthew 25:1-13 Light and dark are contrast in terms of threat of safety—violent controntation from an enemy force is the consern of the Psalmist.  There is no hurry, however, to take up arms or to build of security fortresses.  Rather, there is mere trust in the Redeemer, […]